Game Features

ONE Player Account for ALL Platforms

Once the user account is registered after the beta-test phase, it can be used for playing on any platform the game is currently released for. User will thus be able to make game progress on a smartphone, in the afternoon on a tablet with friends at his favourite pub and in the evening on a notebook in the warmth of his own house.

100% Cross-Platform Connectivity

Users playing on different platforms will be able to meet and fight each other in common battles.

Players Become the Developers

We build the game for players. Therefore user suggestions and tips concerning the gameplay and game design are substantial tools in shaping future of the game. Further details can be found in the forum section of this web (The War Council).

 Free of Charge & Fun to Play!

Anyone can play the game for free. No restrictive wait-for-delivery or pay-or-no-play features are/will be implemented.  Once you decide to accelerate your progress, you will find a fair in-app pricing system and your purchasing decisions remain completely independent.

Armored Aces MMO Release Plan

The game is available on Android. iOS version will follow. Windows Phone and desktop machines (PC+Mac) are going to be the next step.

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